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Flexibility: Learn at your own pace and convenience.


Accessibility: Access the course from any location with internet.


Cost-effective: Save on travel and additional expenses.


Comprehensive content: Gain valuable knowledge and skills.


Self-paced learning: Review material at your own convenience.


Gain essential driving skills anytime, anywhere with our convenient and comprehensive online courses. Improve safety, save costs, and learn at your own pace. Start today!

Defensive Driving

Learn how about the common causes of road crashes and how to avoid them.

Advanced Driving

Country driving, gravel roads, towing a trailer — coming soon!

4WD Operations

Get the most from your 4WD safely with handy tips and techniques – Suitable for all drivers. Includes content for employees driving off road also.

Real Life Programs

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Courses designed by experienced trainers for australian driving conditions

Performance Driving Australia programs are designed by the team who have been delivering advanced, defensive and 4WD training for over 30 years!


Courses are in plain english and easy to understand


Videos, Pictures and Diagrams to help explain more technical content


Certificate at completion for every program


Suitable for drivers attending PDA practical courses

WHy choose PDA?


Performance Driving Australia deliver programs to government departments, corporate groups and individuals both in Australia and overseas. With thousands of programs delivered we have learnt a thing or two about driving and how to help drivers learn new skills in many environments.


Performance Driving Australia works with industry to create programs. Our content is reviewed often and feedback is taken on board to enhance the learning experience. Real people delivering real training outcomes in a variety of industry settings.


Our team are all based in Australia and the programs can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. We work fast to get you the information you need so that you can get the training you want quickly and efficiently with the support of a local provider.

Get started today. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Performance Driving Australia programs are easy to follow, full of valuable information and fun.


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Full range of advanced, defensive and 4wd programs available.

Track days and Recreational 4WD courses

Get your motors running with Performance Driving Events track days and recreational 4WD programs.