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Student Assessment Instructions

Assessment for the unit consists of:

Assessment Task 1          Written Questions

Assessment Task 2          Practical Assessment

Assessment Task 3          Observation Report (Assessor to complete)


Written Assessment:

  • Instruction 1

This Theory Assessment Item will be used to assess the participant’s knowledge of the learning outcomes of the following unit:

RIIVEH201E- Operate A Light Vehicle
RIIVEH305F – Operate and Maintain a Four Wheel Drive

PMASUP236 – Operate Vehicles in The Field
TLIC0023 – Operate Four Wheel Drive Vehicle


  • Instruction 2

Participants are expected to have successfully completed all appropriate learning activities from the Participant Guide prior to undertaking this theory assessment.


  • Instruction 3

30 minutes has been allocated for this theory assessment; however, if necessary, extra time may be required or made available with the assessor’s permission.


  • Instruction 4

Enter your personal details on the enrolment page and follow the assessor’s instructions prior to commencing the theory assessment.


  • Instruction 5

Please advise the assessor if you require assistance, have special requirements (e.g., a recent illness is affecting your performance) or if you are not yet ready to proceed with the theory assessment.


Practical Assessment:

  • Instruction 6

You will be required to complete all components of the practical assessment including the demonstration within the vehicle and all related documentation within the practical assessment.



Issuance of Statement of Attainment:

  • Instruction 7

Statement of attainment will only be issued to a learner who has been assessed as meeting the requirements of the unit of competency relevant to the training package and all associated fees have been paid in full.


Content Warning:

Course content includes discussions about road crashes and fatalities. Our exercises simulate emergency situations that may be confronting for some participants. At all times, trainers (assessors) can be approached to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. We encourage conversation between participants on the day and this can cause anxiety in some participants. Our team are trained and experienced to help you with any questions you may have regarding the content and delivery. We would be pleased to discuss this with you prior to the training commencing. Your privacy will always be respected, and information, concerns or questions provided will be kept confidential.